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Stage 2: Kathiani Mountain Stage (54 Kms x 1600 metres of climbing)

Download The Day 2_ MPPK - Kathiani race map

No Tour de Machakos would be complete without the famous Kathiani climb (or infamous depending on your weight!). This stage takes the race up and over the Iveti hills east of Machakos and down to Kathiani town. The pass over the hills is just over 2000 metres asl whilst Kathiani town is almost 1400 metres asl. Hence the return leg is where the riders have to climb 600 metres in just over 10 kilometres. The first person over this pass stands a very good chance of bagging the win for this stage. Indeed previously the winner of this stage has ended up winning the entire Tour. It is for this reason that when The Tour visits Kathiani there is a lot of excitement amongst the fans as well as the riders. This is the stage that could determine the winner of the 2016 Tour de Machakos “le maillot jaune”

Stage 2 Elavation Map


Download The Day 2_ MPPK - Kathiani elavation map